Choosing the right university

Join hands with US Edu Tech to take complete advantage of our ecstatic global network and tie-ups with universities in the US. You are certain to land the university of your choice in terms of your calibre, relevant research area, facilities and growth prospects. A little push is all you need and we are here to help. Having worked with millions of students, over the years, we’ve decoded the mantra you’re looking for. All you got to do is step up and cease the day.

Choosing the right course

Considering university applications and feeling bombarded by the variety of course options available to you? Welcome to the life of a higher education aspirant. There are multiple criteria you’d want to consider before finalizing on the course you want to pursue for your undergraduate/graduate or doctoral studies. Obvious as it may seem to consider your area of interest and the rankings of the university that you’re applying to, you should know that these aren’t the only aspects you want to look out for. But before you lose your mind in trying to figure it all out by yourself, we can help! Experienced advisors eagerly await your queries and concerns.

Student Exchange programs

The best part of being a collaborative unit is that several partnering Universities empower us to be a medium for information exchange. And what better than facilitating student exchange programs. Helping students from different countries, travel across the globe, visit a new university, interact, explore, discover, research and grow in ways you couldn’t even imagine - is our job and we are very good at it!

Finding research projects

US Edu Tech flaunts of skills gathered over a period of 36 years in the educational industry. This massive experience gives us an edge in terms of the connections, tie-ups and collaborations we’ve amassed in the educational, corporate and research sector alike. What’s interesting here is that we’re willing to share all these and more with anyone who is willing to make the most of it. So hop on and explore from the grand opportunities the world has to offer!

Faculty Exchange Programs

Are you a professor or an educator by profession? Has monotony struck you? Are you willing to push boundaries and take your career to new heights? Look out! Your university might just have a tie-up with us. We are US Edu Tech and we can offer you exchange programs at Universities in exotic parts of the world, which you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Connecting Universities and Industries

Wouldn’t it be absolutely fascinating to have a place where educational and corporate industries can come together in an amalgamation that results in a symphony of mutual growth and opportunities? US Edu Tech is that very platform. Participate in our mission and redefine collaborative ventures as education and industry unite to give to birth research avenues not known earlier. Join in to benefit most from this symbiosis. Landing a funded research project is so much merrier when you are able to gauge direct impact of your research, on the industry.