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Student Exchange

US Edu Tech brings to you a kaleidoscope of opportunities as our team puts in the best foot forward in shaping your career. Whether you are a research scholar, a student, a working professional or an aspiring global leader- we will guide you in grinding your way towards achieving this milestone of obtaining higher education in the United States of America. Our brilliant support system coming from the best of US Universities, sharp framework and methodical approach makes us the leading guidance bureau for overseas education in India.

Starting right from offering high quality career counselling sessions to helping plan your travel abroad to the University you get admitted to, we precisely and accurately handle each step involved in the US Admissions. Dreaming of studying in a US University and getting admitted to your dream institute are two very starkly different scenarios. It can be quite a task to travel from the first scenario to the second. However, this is where we step in and act as the bridge of reality and professionalism that brings your thoughts to life.

We aim to represent US Universities in foreign lands through collaborative efforts with several other Universities, technological institutes and engineering colleges. Such collaborations will prove to be highly useful for both the institute and aspiring students.

We, as part of the US Council of Education & Technology have consistently and successfully delivered fine standards of career guidance to students, for 37 years now.